We've known since way back in Tropical Storm that Kerry had a PDA1. In Tropical Storm, it was just a nameless "PDA." Sure, she took notes with it, but whatever else she did, she didn't talk about it. You might almost say that Kerry's relationship with her PDA was SUBTEXTUAL.

Now, at last, in Eye Of The Storm, Kerry has been revealed as a true Palm Pilot user2. (As if there was ever any doubt!)

Let's celebrate Kerry's coming out by looking more closely at

So what do you think Kerry has on her Palm Pilot?


1 "Kerry entered the conference room, and gave a smiling nod to the assembled group as she slipped into a chair halfway down the table. It was the first meeting she was going to attend without Dar's comforting presence by her side, and she was a little nervous. She put her PDA down on the table, and glanced around, folding her hands together."

[...and later in the chapter, we read...]

"Kerry settled in, opening her PDA and scribbling a few notes as the lights dimmed, and circuit diagram flashed on the screen."

From Tropical Storm Part 4

2 "'Right.' Kerry agreed, making a note on her palm pilot. 'See you there.' She patted Andrew's arm and trotted off."

From Eye Of The Storm Part 5

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